Eumind offers European and Indian schools a variety of online projects to participate in. An overview of the projects, the preferred age group per scenario and the link of the scenario’s to subjects within the curriculum can be on our Project Scenarios page.

After the project registration, Eumind facilitates an intercultural connection between the European and Indian school, based on their choice of project.


Eumind projects run from the end of September until the start of February. In general, all projects follow the same structure:
  1. Division into subgroups and introduction. Students are divided into subgroups of about 4-5 students and are matched with a subgroup of their partner school (based on their choice of subtopic). Introduction through a video, pictures and/or text.
  2. Carrying out the research or the task based on the project scenario (and subtopic).
  3. Comparison: reflecting on the research of the students’ own group and assessing the work of the partner group.
  4. Filling out a self-assessment after finalizing the project. Based on the criteria, a number of subgroups will be nominated for external assessment.
Evaluation and certification by Eumind’s international jury.


A vital part of the Eumind projects are the video conferences the students partake in. During the run of the project, students are encouraged to participate in a video conference at least one time, in order to digitally meet their intercultural peers. During the conferences, students can get to know each other, ask each other about their daily lives, and discuss their project together. In this way, students engage in live intercultural communication and collaboration.


During the project, students create a personalized Weebly page, on which they upload their project assignments. Weebly is an easy-to-use online website creator. It allows students, teachers, international coordinators and the international jury to monitor the projects and works as an online portfolio.


After finalizing their project, students fill out a self-assessment as a subgroup. This helps them to self-reflect and take ownership of their project. Next to this self-evaluation, teachers also fill out an assessment form per subgroup.


If the average score of the assessment forms of the subgroups and their teacher reaches above a certain number, the project proves to be of high quality. These specific projects will then be nominated for a Certificate of Excellence or a Certificate of Participation and will be evaluated by our international jury.


1.     International jury
Our international jury is made up of highly experienced and motivated (ex-)teachers from all over the world. They evaluate the final projects of the subgroups and determine which groups will be rewarded with a Certificate of Participation or a Certificate of Excellence.
2.     International coordinators
Our team of international coordinators supervise the Eumind projects. Each coordinator is responsible for a specific project and is always available for queries or advice. As a teacher, you will be in direct contact with your coordinator, to make sure that you have all the information you need to ensure a smooth run of the project.

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