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2. Exchange


Going on an exchange: It requires a lot of preparation for teachers, students and parents. Below you can find some examples to help you with the first steps.

Sample Letter [Dutch]
Sample Information Brochure
Preparatory Dilemmas [Dutch]
Tips & Tricks in Exchanges with India
Exchange Poster

Applying for a Visa

Applying or a visa can be a daunting task. Below you will find a document that one of our Dutch Partner Schools uses to help their students to apply for their own visa. You can download it and adjust it to fit the needs of your own students.

[1]Example Visa Application

Examples of Programmes

How you set up your programme has everything to do with the learning goals you have in mind for your students. What do you want them to take away from this experience and how can you achieve that?

Below you will find examples of possible programmes in the Netherlands as well as a flyer containing information about the so-called Navigator. This tool can be very valuable in initial brainstorm sessions, but also in finalizing ideas about the programme.

[1]Programme in the Netherlands_PiusX


There are different ways to evaluate the exchange. Below you will find several options you could explore as a school.

[1] Writing Letters

Impressions of Exchanges

Schools have different ways to share and display their experiences. Below you can find several links to websites/blogs etc. that depict the entire exchange from a school’s personal perspective.

  1. Blog on Facebook
  2. Project on Weebly
  3. Website