A tailor-made approach

Organizing an exchange can be both very rewarding and very stressful. Being a member of Eumind means you are free to choose how much help is necessary to make your ideas a reality. You can dive headfirst into the experience, or consult our overarching organization Globi for advice.

We offer (Dutch) schools the following routes to their exchange

Go your own way


I experienced the thrill of calling a new place “home” and new people “family”.

Home is not defined by blood relations but on the basis of how people accept you, the way you are with all your shortcomings, nothing more, nothing less.

This exchange has given me the opportunity to live a life of a global citizen, understanding the diversity of western culture in a peaceful society.

I left my luxurious lifestyle to learn a more responsible way of living.

It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I am very much looking forward to our return visit.

I have shown myself and my parents that I can be responsible for a guest from an unknown country and for myself.


Exchange materials

Being a member of Eumind means having access to over a decade of experience with travelling to and from India. Our library is stacked with helpful information regarding pre-departure activities, visa applications and evaluations.

Whether you prefer to tackle the program on your own, or let us guide your every step of the way; the choice is yours

Giving back

Eumind Europe governs a small and indepent charity called Eumind Charity. This charity works together with the organization REAP to allow more and more Indian children from less priviledged backgrounds to receive quality education. If you would like to reach out and include a meaningful activity to your exchange itinerary, we are here to point you in the right direction.

Schools looking to incorporate a visit to Reap can contact its director at: sanjugonsalves@rediffmail.com