Eumind Junior is a branch of the Eumind network, focusing on digital exchanges for students following primary education, between the ages of 8-12 years old. Eumind Junior gives children the opportunity to engage in intercultural communication in an accessible way. The junior network aims to offer students a glimpse of ‘the world’, familiarize them with the idea of ‘culture’ and get them acquainted with the country of India/the Netherlands and their respective peers.
The Eumind Junior focuses on Dutch and Indian students getting to know each other on the basis of creative assignments, following two themes: Food (A Taste of Culture) and Arts. Through the exchange of their assignments, students become aware of their intercultural similarities and differences.
The Eumind Junior projects start each year in September and in April. The time investment for the projects is about 1 hour per week for about 6 weeks.