The idea to start Eumind arose in 2007 after Euneos, a Finnish organization specialized in Erasmus training, organized visits for Finnish and Dutch schools to Mumbai and Pachgani.
A year later, in 2008, Euneos and six Indian schools took the initiative to set up a network that focused bringing European and Indian schools into contact with each other. Ludo Mateusen and Father Joe Saldanha took on the chairmanship together. Later, Jessie Vas took over the Indian presidency and for years she and Ludo were the driving force behind the network.
In 2018, the management of the network was transferred to Globi, a Dutch organization specialized in global citizenship and internationalization. Rosanne Severs, director of Globi, took over the presidency from Ludo in 2019. Ludo still plays an active role in the network as Eumind’s ambassador.
Now, in 2021, over 90 schools are part of our Eumind family. We hope to keep expanding our network and our intercultural ties for many more years to come.


Eumind Europe manages Eumind Charity, an independent charity that works together with REAP to help Indian children from less privileged backgrounds to receive quality education. For more information, please visit the Eumind Charity website. If you would like to reach out and include a meaningful activity to your exchange itinerary, we are here to point you in the right direction. Schools looking to incorporate a visit to REAP can contact its director at: