Eumind creates and supervises virtual exchange projects in which Indian and European students work together on real-life issues such as sustainability, human rights and arts & culture.

We believe that the world of tomorrow needs global citizens that can communicate and work together across borders. That are socially responsible and aware of their responsiblities towards our planet. As such, our central aim is to connect as many students from India and Europe as possible in order for them to learn from each other’s strenghts.
We match each European school with a suitable Indian school and ensure a direct line of communication. Through Zoom, Whatsapp and Website building, students from both countries learn to cooperate across borders.
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Our mission statement

EUMIND seeks:

1. To establish intercultural communication and learning, using English as the lingua franca
2. to increase knowledge and respect for different cultural values and to discuss issues with tolerance and respect
3. to fulfill higher responsibilities of global citizenship through increased knowledge of political, social, and economical issues
4. to inculcate in students a caring mind and to promote social responsibility
5. to develop students’ awareness of various environmental issues and to promote initiatives for a sustainable development
6. to understand the complex issues of poverty and actively help those living in impoverished conditions


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